Our Way
  "From human to human !"

Radio Flower-Power-Berlin consists of 3 admins (Klaus, Frank, Rainer) and our Moderators / DJs who wants to get involved with music and voice to social projects. With this platform we are able to give the Moderators / DJs with less free time or with handicaps the chance to do their hobby and their desire to spread out their music and having fun in broadcasting.

Social commitment is at the forefront!

There is also the possibility that the broadcasting Moderator / DJ can present his / her social project at Flower-Power-Berlin by arrangement with the admins.

  Music is connecting and it doesn't matter, ...

Whether you're poor or rich
Whether you're young or old
Whether you're sick or healthy
Which sexual orientation everyone has
Which nationality.

The Team of
is wishing you lot's of fun
while listening our broadcasts